How to Make Easy $100? 10 Quick Ways Explained!

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Scrap Metal Sales

If you have a lot of brass and iron laying around your backyard, this can be turned into quick cash. Metal recyclers and scrap yards pay by the pound for these metals. It doesn’t matter if they are new, used or even well used, they will still buy them from you.

The most valuable scrap metal is copper so if you have this then you’ll make more money. It usually goes for around $3 per pound, but this will vary location to location. Copper wire and copper pipes are some of the more common items. Brass will bring you around $2 per pound. Older cars tend to have brass radiators which can be salvaged for money.

The scrap yard will weigh your truck once you bring the metal to the yard and from here everything is done quickly. A crane is used to lift the metal out of the truck and then the truck is weighed again and you get this difference as your payment for the metal. You’re given a slip of paper and this can be used at an on-site ATM which will pay you.


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