How to Make Easy $100? 10 Quick Ways Explained!

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Sell Parts of You

You can sell your plasma, sperm, hair, and blood for some quick cash. For example, a college student can go to a plasma donation center and make $35 for an hour and a half of their time for just one needle prick. This is safe for a normal healthy person to do and it can be done about two times per week. Doctors use this plasma which is the liquid portion of the blood to saves people’s lives.

A sperm donation will pay about $50-200 dollars. This isn’t quick cash as the donation clinic will run along background check to make sure you have good genetic health before they will allow you to be a donor. Once you are accepted then you can make some money.

Your hair can also bring you some quick money. To make a lot of money, you’ll need about 10 inches or 25 centimeters of hair. The hair needs to be free of colors and other artificial treatments and be healthy looking. Online Hair Affair is a site that has auctions for hair and you can check this for what is selling now.


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