How to Make Easy $100? 10 Quick Ways Explained!

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Filing Unclaimed Bonds

A long time ago U.S. Treasury bonds where quite popular as gifts for many occasions. The buyer only has to pay half of the face value of the bond. You could get a $100 bond for $50, for example. One the bond reached maturity they could be cashed in for the full value of the bond. If the bondholder waited a longer period, they could make even more on the bond as interest would accrue.

Today you can still get these bonds, but you have to pay the full face value of the bond and they are only in electronic form. The government switched to electronic bonds is because many people lost the paper bonds. To help individuals find these lost bonds they launched Treasury Hunt which is a database you can search full of unclaimed bonds. You just need to enter your Social Security number to see if you have any securities on the file with them. The search is quick, but it can take a long time to actually get your money. You should also search for unclaimed Income tax returns. It’s estimated that millions each year are unclaimed as the tax return in undeliverable. The site has a section on unclaimed money you can check.


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