How to Make Easy $100? 10 Quick Ways Explained!

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Selling Bottled Water

Another way to make some quick money is to sell bottled water on a hot day. You do have to be careful of local laws as this might not be legal in your areas or you may need a special permit.

While you may need a license to sell bottled water, many stands and sellers just go unnoticed. Unless you have strict local police that routinely crack down on vendors without a license you should be fine to sell your water and you’ll go unnoticed.

The trick is to buy your water at a reduced price and then sell it at a higher price. For example, a case of 24 16.9-oz (500-milliliter) bottles will sell in a box store for about $7. If you have a card at one of these stores you can get it for a cheaper price in bulk. If you sell this water for $1, then you could make a profit of about $17 in one hour.

Make sure you go to the right location to sell the water. Some good locations include parks, a subway station, a bus stop, an outside sporting event, and so on. Try to avoid selling on the side of the road as this will draw the attention of law enforcement.


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