How to Make Easy $100? 10 Quick Ways Explained!

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Return Things

Another way you can make some cash is to return things. Any item that’s still in the original box can be returned to the store in most cases and you can get your money back. In some cases you can even return the item as long as you have the receipt for it and the item is still in good condition so it can be sold again. Many stores will give you cash back or a store credit for the item. You’ll have to read through the policy of each store to determine what you can or cannot bring back to the store.

If you don’t have the receipt some stores will still allow you to take the item back. Wal-Mart is one such store which allows you to take an item back which is under $25 and you can get cash back for the item. Target can find the receipt for you if you used a credit card to buy the item. Many smaller stores will only offer store credit and it takes a lot of convincing the store clerks that the item actually came from that store. Make sure you bring credit card statements as a way to prove that you bought the item if you used a credit card. One way to better your odds is to take the item back just after Christmas where clerks are swamped with returns and you may be able to return an item you wouldn’t be able to at other times of the year and get some money back.


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